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Currently, to get to a large company, for a well-paid position, we need not only high skills, but also cunning. The process of recruitment to the corporation usually does not only cover the implementation of the initial task, but also many conversations – with the HR department, the recruiter and the final one, with the boss in a given company. So what do we do when we are sure of our skills that will certainly work in a particular position, but are we afraid that we will fall out of the list of candidates through a badly conducted interview? The key to success is to get to know your interlocutor enough to feel comfortable with him and be ready for any questions. This is not easy, since the HR department is usually completely unknown to us, but as usual, the internet has brought a good solution.

Get to know your interlocutors better, only on the basis of a mobile number.

By submitting a resume to a specific company, you will often get feedback on who, if interested in your document, will contact you to discuss further details. And this is the moment when you should take the first steps. If you have a mobile number for the recruiter who is responsible for your recruitment process, use this and look for information about it on If you learn more about such a person, it will be easier to establish friendly relations with her, which is extremely important in the context of further stages of recruitment. Whether a recruiter tells the boss a positive feeling about you can often be crucial in terms of whether or not you will be offered a job contract at all.

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